What if you found a place that engages people in conversations about life, faith and God, that are happening all around the world and here in Squamish—right now?

Alpha is a great place where you can gather with other people to eat, talk, discuss and ask anything about life, faith and God. Whether you're a skeptic, curious, interested about what the Christian faith really is all about, Alpha journeys through a 10-week course that will cover some of the big questions on life, death, meaning, faith and spirituality.

Every Alpha session includes food, a short talk, and discussion. Best of all, Alpha is free. We even cover the cost of the meals! The next Squamish Alpha Course is now scheduled to begin Monday, April 18, 2016 at The Ledge Cafe in downtown Squamish - 38055 Cleveland Ave.


Space is limited for each course so register today to reserve your spot! 

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