Vision 2018 & BeyonD

In November of 2017 we established the Vision 2018 Team for the purpose of evaluating our Sunday morning gatherings at Eagle Eye Theatre in Howe Sound Secondary School. We have gathered at this location for most of the past 8 years since planting The Rock.

As members and regular attenders of The Rock Church know, we exist to make Jesus known by leading people into a growing relationship with him. One of our goals therefore is to reach ‘unchurched’ families here in Squamish. With this goal in mind we began to evaluate our Sunday gathering space and, in particular, our Sunday School environments. Our current location has several advantages as well as limitations. The Vision 2018 Team was established to first consider the following two options:

OPTION 1—Eagle Eye Theatre in Howe Sound Secondary School

  1. Is Eagle Eye Theatre suitable for gathering and growing our church for the next 3-5 years?
    1. Consider all the pluses and negatives (Connect & cafe, set-up, Worship service, Sunday School environments, etc.)
  2. If Eagle Eye is ideal in many areas but a challenge for Children’s ministry what could be done (purchased, rented, etc.) to make it more ideal?

OPTION 2—Identity a Different Location or Space in Squamish

  1. What other locations in Squamish might be an option that would be a longer term solution?
    1. Consider leased or purchased properties including our building downtown (The Ledge).
    2. Consider advantages—our use primarily, always set-up, separate clean and amazing Children’s church experiences, church offices and ministry centre.
    3. Would either lease option or new purchase require selling The Ledge building?

Our goal was to encourage this team and our church family to dream and dream BIG. We suggested asking this question, “What could or should we be doing that would require a miracle from God.” In other words, what “risks” could we take that in human terms are impossible, but by having ‘believing faith’ that with God nothing is impossible we will see many men and women come to saving faith in Jesus Christ?

Initial Findings

The Vision 2018 Team held a Rock Family Meeting in late January to share their initial findings and invite the rest of our church family into this conversation. They shared that the Vision Team's initial findings was that OPTION #2 was the best direction for our church. Most people at the meeting agreed, however in the short to mid-term a new location that blended the best of The Ledge with an ideal space for Sunday gatherings doesn't appear to be available.

The Purpose of the Survey

Our hope therefore with this survey is get input from members and regular attenders who were unable to be at the January meeting and, until we are able to identify a new location, find out ways that we can make our Eagle Eye Theatre and Howe Sound School location more ideal.