This past June and July we held two Rock Church Family Meetings to discuss where we are at as a church spiritually and financially, with special discussion around our building downtown. As a church we have always seen our building as The Rock's Ministry Centre. Its purpose from the time we purchased it, renovated and opened, has been to fulfill our mission and vision—to make Jesus known.

Recently, we have been asked what the outcome of these meetings is and what the decision of the elders is.

First, we want to thank all of you who have been listening, praying and contributing to our recent conversations about the future of our building, The Rock’s Ministry Centre on Cleveland Ave. The primary goal and purpose behind having the building in the first place has always been to be a ministry outpost in the heart of Squamish and to boldly make Jesus known.

Most of us have come to think of our building primarily as The Ledge Community Coffee House, and that was one of the main reasons why we wanted to engage our church family in these conversations. The building's primary costs, mortgage, taxes and some utilities are not covered by the operations of the coffee house but by the financial support and giving at The Rock. For that reason and as good stewards, we wanted our whole church family to be aware of this reality.

We are grateful for what we have heard from all of you much of which has been very heartfelt, thoughtful and with much wisdom.

The elders met in July to discuss what we have heard from you and from the Holy Spirit ourselves and we feel that the wise thing to do at this time is to keep praying, talking and dreaming about how we can use our ministry centre to more boldly make Jesus known in Squamish.

For now it is our decision to continue to seek the Spirit’s wisdom and vision over the next few months.

Keep praying, talking and dreaming!


Glenn on behalf of the elders.

Darrell Koopmans, Matt Davies, Wayne Penner and Ron Leonard (C2C)