It’s all about Jesus

Simply put, we exist to make Jesus known and to lead people into a growing relationship with him. We invite you to join us as we discover who Jesus is and why he matters most!


Sunday is Coming!

We gather together every Sunday in Squamish to hang out, celebrate, learn and seek answers together as a church family.

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Everyone who’s now a part of The Rock was new at some point. We all know what it feels like! So don’t feel like you need to be anything but yourself.



Listen or watch our Sunday services on Facebook Live, or messages on our YouTube Channel or subscribe via iTunes to keep up with each sermon as we study God's Word together!

To Know and Be Known

As followers of Jesus Christ we see ourselves as a family of missionary servants. And like any healthy family, it means that we like to be together, do things and grow together; to know each other and be known.

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As follows of Jesus Christ we see ourselves as a family of missionary servants. Like any healthy family everyone is not only needed to chip in but its just what healthy families do. God gives gifts to each one of us so that we can bless and strengthen each other, and grow in our own faith as well. Check out the following areas of service at The Rock to discover where you can best put your gifts and talents to work! 

Choose Community

Missional Community Groups are where we do family and life together. Life, especially the Christian life is not meant to be a solo journey! Community is what we were all made for.



Women of all ages are welcome join us as we meet upstairs at The Ledge Community Coffee House to read God’s Word and share the how the Word of God speaks the Gospel into our hearts and lives.. The goal is to develop many DNA Groups of 3-4 women who journey together each week.


Kids Rock Children’s Ministry

We are a growing church with a lot of young families. We love kids! On Sunday mornings we have something for kids of every age. Pebbles and KidsRock for grades 1 to 6.

KidsRock also has a heart to see not only kids, but their families and their family’s friends begin a new and deeper relationship with Jesus. Our desire is that we see more and more children welcomed home in to the arms of their loving Heavenly Father, and that whole families get to know the incredibly good news of the Gospel.

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The Rock Church

Sunday Gatherings: 10:30am -12:00pm

Cafe Opens: 10:00am

The Ledge Community Coffee House

38055 Cleveland Avenue
Squamish, BC, V8B 0A1


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