Jesus invites us to know God, know Him in all His beauty and terror, His brusqueness and tenderness, His wooing and commanding. And the invitation is both to rest in Him and to risk for Him. To come. To go.

Our Vision

We want to see ordinary young people living extra-ordinary lives through the power of the Spirit, in the likeness of Christ and being impacted by gospel. We're want to send our young people out in to adulthood and to the world as godly, loving and mature individuals who are equipped for their calling. We're making disciples, and we're having fun doing it.

What we do

Currently, Elevation Youth at The Rock is focusing its resources (people and financial) on YoungLife Ministries here in Squamish. Several Members of The Rock Church are leading the Junior & Senior High YoungLife Ministries in Squamish which are also being hosted in our Ministry Centre, The Ledge Community Coffee House. Check out YoungLife and either encourage your teen-aged children to attend or how you might serve this ministry!