KidsRock will now be using check in software to increase the safety of our kids at the Ledge. Each child will receive a child NAME LABEL with a code matching the parent SECURITY LABEL Labels will have the childs name, classroom and also any medical info printed.  Labels can be printed before or during check-in.   


To save time, visit one of our stations and sign in using a mobile pass barcode*, your name or the last 4 digits of you phone number. If you need to update any info or need help, a volunteer will be at the KidsRock station upstairs. Labels will print at the KidsRock station and will be stored for pickup you when you transfer care to our KidsRock team. This option helps avoid backlog—but it still requires a parent to bring up children during INTERMISSION.



Following our worship singing time there will be short INTERMISSION prior to the message. We need a clear handoff from parent to the KidsRock team. If you used Pre-Checkin ask for your labels. If you have not used pre-check-in or are not in our system, you can sign in at this time. Use either the self station (iPad) or manned station (laptop) to enter your info and print out the labels. If you’re new or have guests, a kids rock volunteer will enter their info or add a temporary file if they are a one time visitor.

NURSERY CHECK-IN (0-2.5 years)

If you plan on staying with your baby in the nursery room, you do not have to check them in (note: care is not transferred). If you would like to leave your child with another parent or volunteer in the nursery we will ask you to check them in. If your child needs assistance during the service a kids rock teacher or helper will text the mobile number on your child’s label.  


Checkout at the KidsRock station must happen every time you are taking any of your children out of their classroom (we can always reprint the tag for you later). On the parent SECURITY LABEL you will find both a barcode and a unique event ID for a quick scan checkout—or just have the volunteer enter your name. Give every label to the KidsRock volunteer or deposit in the garbage can (it’s another quick check for us if we see a child with a label in an area they shouldn’t be). Proper checkout means the child is no longer under our care and supervision—help us model this for the future growth and safety of our church


Provide us with your email address and we can send you a permanent mobile pass that brings up your household whenever you scan it at the KidsRock station.