A Reasonable Faith

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Much is made in our culture today about reason and facts. These are the two basic principles that many today rely upon to determine their view of the world and life. The idea is that human reason is sufficient and powerful enough to understand the cosmos and the meaning of life. To answers the questions, “Why is there something rather than nothing and why are we here?” 

All that our reasoning faculties need then to understand and discern the correct answer to these questions are simply enough solid ‘facts.’ And, according to this gospel, all solid facts come from science and science alone.

On the other hand, when you consider faith in a Creator God who is outside of our time and space, it seems like it would best be described as blind faith or irrational. But is it really?

On the day Jesus Christ rose from the dead we see human reasoning playing a significant role in the narrative. In John chapter 20 we learn that Mary Magdalene is the first to arrive at the tomb of Jesus 3 days after his death. What’s most interesting is that Mary, and Peter and John who also arrive at the tomb, are all trying to make sense of what they find—an empty tomb. We read how they wonder who stole his body, what could have happened, etc.?

The point seems to be that they are using every bit of their human reasoning to try and make sense of, to rationalize, what could have happened. Then we read that Jesus miraculously appears alive to Mary after Peter and John had gone home.

Imagine receiving a letter on official legal letterhead telling you that you were in line for a major inheritance from someone you didn’t know. Would you just throw out the letter? You would have to check it out wouldn’t you? Of course you would and why? Because the offer is just too good not to investigate.

The Resurrection of Jesus from the dead is just like that. If true it changes everything. It’s an offer that’s just too good not to look into. Join us this Easter Sunday and investigate the rest of the story.

Glenn Davies – Lead Pastor
The Rock Church

Nothing But a Dreamer!

I’m old enough to remember a song by the band Supertramp from the mid 70’s entitled, “Dreamer.” It was at a time in my life, my high school years, when my father could have often used that word to describe me. I can’t remember how many times I told my father or my friends about the great dreams I had for my life.

Is The Truth Really Out There?

Is The Truth Really Out There?

Since the very early days of manned exploration, NASA and its various agencies have been heard to say as they point to the stars, “The truth is out there.” Of course what they primarily mean by that is that the answer to the big questions, “How did we get here and why are we here,” are out there. Which presupposes two things.