Nothing But a Dreamer!

I’m old enough to remember a song by the band Supertramp from the mid 70’s entitled, “Dreamer.” It was at a time in my life, my high school years, when my father could have often used that word to describe me. I can’t remember how many times I told my father or my friends about the great dreams I had for my life.

Sometimes the announcement of my dreams was met with great encouragement and people responding with all the usual motivations. “Good for you, yeah, go for it!” And, “That’s what life is all about, pursuing your dreams!” On the other hand there were those who listened and were less than enthusiastic. The question is where do dreams come from? Why do we as humans even have dreams about our futures?

The materialist, naturalist and atheistic views don’t really have an answer for that since, based on the randomness of natural selection, they predict that our lives really have no meaning and that there is no purpose in the end. So where?

The alternative is the biblical understanding that we are created in the image of the greatest dreamer of all time—God! Just look around you. If created by a God this powerful then he clearly has an amazing imagination and a spectacular capability to see his dreams through to completion.

This is in fact the God that the bible reveals. And since we are created in his image we too are given great dreams for our lives. One great example of a dreamer was a boy named Joseph, widely known today thanks to the musical, Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Here’s a 17-year-old boy who receives dreams about his future from God and, they all come true. It’s a compelling story of how dreams from God lead to our destiny in life!

At The Rock Church we have just begun a series on the life of Joseph called, Destiny—Discovering God’s Divine Plan for Your Life. You’re welcome to join us this Sunday!

Glenn Davies – Lead Pastor
The Rock Church