Trick, Treat, Bless or Hide?

It's that time of year again when Christians wonder if it's better to shut out the lights and hide in a back room or somehow be missional on a night like Halloween. A few years ago we as a church decided to think about how we could be 'missional' and 'incarnational' on this challenging night for many Christians.

We decided to be the salt and light that Jesus has sent us to be and to bring the better wine to the party. We decided to believe that Jesus is King now and forever so that no one but Jesus owns any day or any night and that his family can show this world how and what to celebrate.

We encourage you to do the same this year. Be good neighbours, love your community, give out the best candy and the best hot chocolate or hot cider or however you choose to bless the children and their parents who come to your door. This is that one night of the year where your neighbourhood comes to your front door. What will you do to be the church, be the family of God tonight?

Here's a short video on the subject that might be helpful from our good friend Jeff Vanderstelt.