A New Day Is Coming!

This past Sunday one of the most significant weeks in the life of the church began. It has come to be known as Holy Week in Christian circles and it’s an interesting title considering the events of this week.

The week began on what we now call Palm Sunday, the day that Jesus rode into the city of Jerusalem on the back of a donkey. It was a chaotic scene since the city had swelled to many times its normal size. Men, women and families from all over came to Jerusalem for Passover. Jesus, as well.

For the Jewish people this was the week they celebrated God ‘passing over’ their sins, a tradition that began centuries ago marking God’s promise that he would save them. He also promised them that one day he would send them a Saviour who would be their King!

The week begins well for Jesus as he arrives as a King to choruses of “Hosanna to the son of David!” But, his entry on the back of a donkey is the first sign that he is a very different King, not the King that they expected. By the end of the week their tune changes quite dramatically.

Jesus spends his week with family and friends and on Thursday night he celebrates the Passover meal with his disciples. It will be his last meal. On the next day, a day we now call Good Friday, he will walk to his death on a cross to a chorus of, “Crucify Hims.”

The week ends on Saturday and Jesus is in the tomb that was prepared for Him. He is dead and buried. Gone as far as his prosecutors believed. Jesus, however had also told his disciples on at least 3 occasions that he would die and rise again. This was His promise that A New Day is Coming!

As you read this article there may still time for you to discover the significance and blessing that this day holds for you. This Easter Sunday find a church close to you and go. Go and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and the new day and new life that He offers to you.

Glenn Davies
Lead Pastor • The Rock Church