Do We Really Have To Do What Jesus Says?

Here's a short video clip of pastor Francis Chan that is one of our favourites. Having just finished our BodyLife series in which we attempted to define exactly what Jesus had in mind when he said, "I will build my church," I hope you will find these few words challenging!

As we discovered in the BodyLife series, after 2,000 years we still seem to struggle with a desire to return to what we called the 'old temple model' in the church. One of the surprising ways that we do that is when we are encouraged to make the mission simply to study the Bible, to memorize what it says, which are both good and important—but rarely are we challenged to actually DO what it says.

As you watch this video (and I encourage you to watch it a few times) keep our definition of the church we concluded with in BodyLife Part V in the back of your mind. If you missed the series you can find it here.