Science and Faith—Is There a Problem?

You hear a lot about facts these days. In most university science classes you’ll hear an argument that goes something like this. “Science is the pursuit of facts, not truth. A scientist leaves the ownership of truth to philosophers and theologians. The currency of science is the provable, not the believable.” Do you believe that? Truth is, by definition, the extent of all truisms. Everything that is true is part of truth. In every trial, the accused is either guilty or innocent, never both, never neither. Despite what the fallible court may rule, the truth does exist. The thing that is true is also a fact. Fact, in scientific terms however is something that is “observably” true, but not different in substance from truth.

This rhetorical slight of hand disarms the still under-developed critical thinking abilities of young university students resulting in their eventual belief that truth is relative, that there are many truths and finally, that whatever can’t be proven by observable facts, cannot be true and therefore must be false.

Conclusion: whatever is believed by faith is false!

At this point well meaning Christians come along and attempt to prove that there really is no battle between science and faith, that the two can be both intellectually and theologically aligned. The truth is, that is false and there is one good reason, one fact that proves the point—the resurrection from the dead of Jesus Christ.

In the book of Acts, which is the historical record of the start of the Christian church 2,000 years ago, Jesus told his disciples that they were to be his “witnesses” to the world. And that they were to be witnesses to the fact that he was standing right in front of them, 40 days after being dead and buried for 3 days.

Science does not “believe” that a dead man can come back to life. Science does not believe that there is life after death. Neither of these two facts can be observed today by the scientific method. Both however have been observed by eyewitnesses, many of whom were put to death for their faith in those facts.

Glenn Davies Lead Pastor