The Ledge - a story only God could write

A place for music, laughter, healing, learning and discipleship, the Ledge is that and so much more. It's a place to introduce Jesus to Squamish. Located in Squamish's downtown core, the Ledge is about living in everyday community together and simply making Jesus known.

Imagine a place that serves the community as a missionary outpost, a discipleship school, cafe, and live music venue. Where the words of Jesus are walked out.  It's part of the vision God gave the Rock Church.

It's exciting and we want to tell you why.


The Ledge started with a prayer and a small "for sale" sign in the window of a downtown Squamish storefront.

"The vision for the Ledge goes back two years before we even moved here," said Glenn Davies, lead pastor at the Rock. "At first I thought I was crazy thinking and praying about something like the Ledge but the Lord opened the door."

A few months after the launch of the Rock, the church was able to purchase that little downtown storefront. This in itself was a miracle for such a young church.

"The old girl needed repairs but we felt it was what we were supposed to do. With the support of our denomination and church community, a taskforce was formed and you would be amazed by the core group of people God brought along," Davies said.

Today, this core group of young men, women, families, community business leaders and faithful prayer warriors are working hard to see this little building become, a place that serves Squamish as the Rock's Ministry Centre and The Ledge Cafe.

The journey

The journey has not been without a few bumps and delays but Davies said each bump was a reminder of God's timing. In fact, the little building has become a testimony of what God is doing in Squamish and the church community.

There were times when it seemed challenges with the Ledge were stacking up. After peeling back a few layers, it became clear the building needed more than just a bit of paint. But again, God proved more faithful than imagined.

"From the beginning we wanted to let the Lord lead us. I remember driving past the Ledge during the Santa Claus parade and it was painful. I wanted to be in there ministering. But I was reminded that God knows what He is doing," Davies said. "Soon after, the work really started to come together."

The miracle

After raising over $209,000 in 1.5 years, more funds were needed to finish the renovations and open the Ledge. God swung the doors open. Early in 2012, the BC Conference of MB Churches, committed to finance the balance of the funds required to complete the renovations.

"The Lord took care of the details, which is such a testimony that He is doing this," Davies said.

In a few short months the doors of the Ledge will be open to Squamish. Imagine a place dedicated to the Lord, to talking about Jesus, to seeing lives changed through the gospel. Imagine the Ledge. For images of the Ledge click here.

The key plans for its use include:

Ledge Cafe & Live Music Venue—connecting with our community with great coffee and outstanding music!

The Rock's Ministry Centre—church offices, meeting, prayer and counseling rooms

Rock Church Sunday Night Gatherings—to reach the young men, women and families who live downtown and throughout Squamish with the Gospel

Base Camp • Discipleship Theology School—evangelism and discipleship training centre for young urban missionaries

Rock Church Ministry Classes—Foundations, Membership, Redemption Groups, Alpha and More!

Christian Bookstore—featuring a great selection of Christian theology, ministry, study guides and children's books.