We Make Stuff • Volume 1

One of the inspirations behind The Ledge Cafe and The Rock's Ministry Centre in downtown Squamish has been the promotion of live music, the arts and culture. One of the reasons for that has been the passion and the heart of a woman who became a part of The Rock Church very early on—Jill Marie Bronson. Now, Jill Marie is part of an amazing project in collaboration with a number of incredibly talented Vancouver artists. Here's her take on this project.

Hey Rocksters!

It's Jill Marie. I wanted to share with you an exciting project I've been working on with friends this past year. Thousands of hours have been invested into a magazine project called We Make Stuff. It will be featuring Christian artists from the Vancouver area. This is going to be a stunning 256 page, full-color edition showcasing over 100 artists including myself as a painter and our vision at The Ledge Cafe. Darrell Koopmans has been a huge help getting my submission ready. At this point we need to get 1,000 books pre-ordered to make this a reality and go to print.  I really encourage everyone to order a copy for your home, it is a beautiful and inspiring piece of artwork in itself and the perfect conversation starter as artists begin exploring the collision of faith and creativity.

We have created a short video to express the heart of the project: